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Our Café

In St Andrews, you will also find café Jannetta. Accommodating up to 36 diners and decorated in classic pastel tones, our cafe tells the tales of the Jannettas family.

Jannetta's St Andrews CafeWhile we celebrate and embrace our Italian roots, we also strive to ensure that our products are locally sourced and Fife-grown where possible. Everything from our milk, fruit and meat to our delicious selection of artisan breads is delivered daily from our trusted network of suppliers, many of whom are just a stone’s throw from our premises.

At Cafe Jannetta, we offer a light hearted start to the day, with a variety of traditional scones, croissants and yogurt bowls. You will also find traditional breakfast sandwiches and our poached eggs and grilled prosciutto on artisan fife bread.


With midday approaching, we provide a selection of toasted ciabattas and sandwich fillings, chosen by our chefs. Strong favourites of our visitors are; our hot rosemary roasted porchetta, served with oven roasted tomatoes and peppers with pork jus. As well as our hot roast beef, served with sautéed onions, horseradish creme fraiche and roasted tomatoes and peppers.

Throughout the day, we offer a range of tarts, cakes, and tray-bakes of which the available selection varies weekly. Alongside our baked goods, we offer a variety of gelato infused & related desserts. This includes the traditional Affogato, our unique Semifreddo slices and an espresso, caramel and vanilla gelato concoction – our Gelatocino.

For an indulgent and warmer option, we offer a range of warm flavoured brownies to be served with your choice of gelato and a portion of our hot chocolate sauce. You will also find a make your own set of our pancakes, waffles and sundaes.

Cafe Jannetta will be bringing new and enhanced products soon, so make sure to connect with us on social media for more information.