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Jannetta’s Cafe Menu

Breakfast Served until 11:15am

  • Brown or white toast served with marmalade, jam or honey £2.45
  • Freshly baked croissant served with jam, butter or honey £2.45
  • Bacon sandwich served on your choice of white or brown bread £4.15
  • Bacon or fried egg roll £4.15
  • Eggs £7.10
    Poached, served on white or brown artisan bread with two slices of grilled prosciutto and optional hollandaise sauce
  • Homemade granola £5.45
    Natural yogurt, mixed fruit and local honey

Breakfast Pancakes

  • American Style – topped with crispy pancetta and maple syrup £6.30
  • Go Bananas – topped with banana and maple syrup £6.10
  • Traditional – topped with jam and butter £6.10
  • Bellissimo Blueberry – served with fresh blueberries £6.10
  • Strawberries and Cream £6.10
    served with fresh strawberries and fresh whipped cream
  • Add extra topping £1.00
  • Add gelato scoop £2.50

Ask about today’s homemade cakes and pastries

Lunch Served 11.15am to 4pm

Open Sandwiches – £7.50

  • Chicken and parsley mayonnaise
  • Salami and cream cheese with antipasto peppers
  • Roast ham with a wholegrain mustard mayo, tomato and a side of piccalilli
  • Turkey with a light coating of mayonnaise, dried cranberries and Brie
  • Tuna with red onion, a light lime mayonnaise and cucumber
  • Mozzarella, tomato and basil pesto served with a balsamic glaze
  • Goats cheese, caramelised red onion chutney and sun dried tomatoes
  • Warm antipasto peppers and hummus (v)
  • Jannettas bruschetta with fresh basil (v)
  • Soup and closed sandwich combo £7.90
    (this item is not served with any garnish)

Hot Open Sandwiches – £7.90

  • Hot roast beef accompanied by sautéed onions, horseradish crème fraiche serve with warm roasted peppers and tomatoes
  • Hot authentic Italian roasted pork [porchetta] served with warm oven-roasted tomatoes, peppers and pork jus
  • Soup and hot closed sandwich combo £8.30
    (this item is not served with any garnish)

Lightly Toasted Ciabatta – £8.10

  • Salami, cream cheese and roasted peppers
  • Tuna, red onion and mozzarella
  • Porchetta, apple sauce and diced tomatoes
  • Mozzarella, tomato, pesto, rocket and balsamic glaze (v)
  • Avocado, lime, diced tomatoes and coriander (v)
  • Prosciutto, cream cheese, sun dried tomato and fresh basil
  • Chorizo, roasted peppers, mozzarella and pesto
  • Haloumi, olive tapenade, tomato and red onion (v)
  • Chicken mayonnaise, pancetta and gherkins
  • Soup and ciabatta combo £8.50
    (this item is not served with any garnish)

Make your choices…

  • Soup of the day £4.10
    Served on white or brown bread and a drink
  • Sandwich and a drink £4.80
  • Soup and sandwich and a drink £5.20

1. Soup of the day
2. Choose your bread: white or brown
3. Choose one filling: cheese, ham, tuna mayo, honey, chicken parsley mayo
add extra fillings – £1.10 each
4. Add one side: tomatoes, cucumber, coleslaw, roasted peppers
add extra sides – £1.20 each
5. Add a drink: squash, milk
6. Enjoy your lunch!

Hot Drinks

  • Espresso £2.25
  • Double Espresso £2.45
  • Macchiato Reg £2.65 / Lg £3.55
  • Americano Reg £2.55 / Lg £3.45
  • Latte Reg £2.70 / Lg £3.60
  • Cappuccino Reg £2.70 / Lg £3.60
  • Mocha Reg £2.70 / Lg £3.60
  • Flat White Reg £3.00 / Lg 3.60
  • Extra Shot £0.75
  • Milk alternatives – Coconut, Oat, Soya (subject to availability) £0.40 extra
  • Add syrup £0.50
    Caramel, Chai, Cinnamon, Coconut, Hazelnut, Peppermint, Spiced Pumpkin, Vanilla (subject to availability)
  • Babyccino £1.60
    Steamed milk with crushed flake and mini marshmallows
  • Suki Tea Reg £2.50 / Lg £3.00
    English Breakfast, Earl Grey and Blue Flower, Chamomile, Lemongrass and Ginger, Green Tea, Peppermint, Red Berry, Rooibos
  • Hot Chocolate Reg £2.80 / Lg £3.70
    Add fresh whipped cream or marshmallows for £0.75 each
  • Hot Chocolate Deluxe Large £4.30
    Served with marshmallows, cream and a mint stick

Iced Coffees

  • Iced Americano Reg £2.70 / Lg £3.60
  • Iced Latte Reg £2.85 / Lg £3.75

Cold Drinks

  • Sparkling mineral water £2.75
  • Still mineral water £2.75
  • Sparkling tap water £2.00
  • Fruit juice £2.60
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice £3.20
  • Eask Neuk Orchard apple juice £3.20
  • Bundaberg Ginger Beer £2.50
  • Fentimans Rose and Lemon Lemonade £3.10
  • Fentimans Cloudy Victorian Lemonade £3.10
  • Selection of Soft Drinks £2.25
  • Selection of San Pellegrino £2.25

Frozen Drinks

  • Milkshake £4.60
    Our famous milkshakes are made with the option of any two flavours of gelato blended with our unique homemade milkshake mix.
  • Gelatoccino £5.45
    A fusion of espresso, our award winning vanilla gelato and our famous milkshake mix. Topped with toffee sauce and fresh whipped cream.
  • Gelato Float £4.60
    One scoop of gelato with your choice of any canned soft drink or San Pellegrino.
  • Substitute Bundaberg Ginger Beer float £4.80
  • Substitute Fentimans Lemonade float £5.25

Jannettas Soda Bar

  • Ice cold refreshing sodas in a range of artisan flavours – Strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry, Elderflower, Lemon £3.80 with one free refill

Waffles and Pancakes

  • Berrylicious £7.50
    Belgian waffle or pancakes with mixed berries, a scoop of raspberry sorbet and a scoop of vanilla gelato with raspberry sauce and fresh whipped cream
  • Crazy Oreo Cookie £7.50
    Belgian waffle or pancakes with crushed Oreos, 2 scoops of Oreo gelato with homemade hot chocolate fudge sauce and fresh whipped cream
  • Nutty Nutella £7.50
    Belgian waffle or pancakes with chopped nuts, a scoop of Nutella gelato and a scoop of banana gelato with homemade hot chocolate fudge sauce and fresh whipped cream
  • Totally Toffee £7.50
    Belgian waffle or pancakes crushed biscuits, a scoop of vanilla gelato and a scoop of toffee gelato with toffee sauce and fresh whipped cream
  • Make Your Own £7.50
    Choose any two gelato flavours then add your choice of 2 toppings and one sauce to create your own waffle or pancake sundae!
  • Additional toppings £1.00
  • Add gelato scoop £2.60

All freshly made to order


  • Testa a Testa £19.85
    12 scoops of your choice of gelato with strawberry sauce, mini marshmallows, and crushed biscuits with fresh whipped cream. Serves 2 Equal Partners, 3 Musketeers, 4 Good Friends. The ultimate sundae – good luck!
  • Nutty for Jannettas 110th Anniversary £7.50
    1 scoop of Pistachio, 1 of Nocciola (hazelnut) and 1 of vanilla with chocolate sauce, Nocciola praline crunch and fresh whipped cream
  • Strawberry Fayre £7.50
    2 scoops of vanilla and 1 of strawberry with strawberry sauce, fresh strawberries and fresh whipped cream
  • Sweet Nectar £7.50
    1 scoop of toffee, 1 of vanilla and 1 of salted caramel with toffee sauce, crushed biscuits and chopped nuts with fresh whipped cream
  • Chocolate Temptation £7.50
    1 scoop of chocolate, 1 of vanilla and 1 of Stracciatella with hard shell chocolate and a sprinkling of crushed flakes topped with fresh whipped cream
  • Banana Split £7.50
    1 scoop of banana, 1 of vanilla and 1 of toffee with crushed biscuit, toffee sauce and fresh whipped cream
  • Knickerbocker Glory £7.50
    2 scoops of vanilla, 1 scoop of raspberry ripple, mixed berries, raspberry sauce and fresh whipped cream
  • St Andrews £6.80
    1 scoop of Scottish tablet and 1 of vanilla with crushed biscuit, toffee sauce, fresh whipped cream and topped with a fudge stick
  • Mocha Madness £6.80
    1 scoop of coffee and 1 of chocolate with hard shell chocolate, fresh whipped cream and a flake with a shot of espresso on the side [optional]
  • Gooey Grasshopper £6.80
    1 scoop of mint choc chip, 1 scoop of vanilla, crushed Oreos, hot chocolate fudge sauce, fresh whipped cream, and a chocolate mint
  • Turtle Sundae £6.80
    2 scoops of vanilla, hot chocolate fudge sauce, sweet pecans and fresh whipped cream
  • Affogato £4.70
    1 shot of espresso with a scoop of our award winning vanilla gelato – a real taste of Italy

Make Your Own ConePrice includes one topping or sauce

  • 1 Scoop Sundae £3.60 *
  • 2 Scoop Sundae £4.90 *
  • 3 Scoop Sundae £6.10 *


99’ Flake
Caramel Crunch
Chocolate Sprinkles
Chopped Nuts
Coloured Sprinkles
Crushed Biscuits
Crushed Chocolate Flake
Crushed Oreo
Crushed Tablet
Fresh Strawberries
Fudge Stick
Meringue Pieces
Mixed Millions
Popping Candy
Sweet Pecans
Plain Cone
Waffle Cone
Chocolate Waffle Cone
Special Waffle Cone
Gluten-Free Cone


Hot Chocolate Fudge
Hard Shell Chocolate
Passion Fruit
Fresh Whipped Cream

Additional toppings or sauce £1.00 each

Gelato Flavours*

Chocolate Fudge Brownie
Creamy Caramel Fudge
Ferrero Rocher
Fife Strawberry*
Mint Chocolate Chip
Nocciola (Hazelnut)
Raspberry Ripple
Rum and Raisin
Salted Caramel
Scottish Tablet
Sky Blue
White Chocolate Raspberry Ripple
White Chocolate Vanilla Pod
Irn Bru
Passion Fruit


Irn Bru
Passion Fruit

* All flavours are subject to availability, some seasonal

We use a wide variety of ingredients in the making of our menu items. We know that some of you have allergies and so would like you to be aware that we cannot guarantee that any given product is completely free of ingredients to which you may be sensitive. Full allergen information is available on request. We are only too happy to help.

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be able to source the very finest and freshest locally produced and grown ingredients from within the Kingdom of Fife and throughout Scotland, we believe enhancing your visit to Jannettas Gelateria. Please read our provenance boards to see some of those who we source locally.