Burns Sweet Shop


It is with great sadness, that our beloved Burns Sweet Shop has now closed its doors after over 70 years on Market Street in St.Andrews.

This quaint confectionary wonderland has been a continued novelty for many. A place for children to pick their evening treats, for the older generation to stock up on their handbag sweets and for those to gift their party hosts with chocolate to eat. The walls of sweets told many stories and shared the fondest of memories. Memories held by the Jannettas family from day one.

In 1980 David and Fiona De Angelis took over the sweet shop. With the help of the family, switching to and from Jannettas, the shelves of sweets you may so fondly remember, was created. These were the days of Pan Drops, Chocolate gingers, Parma Violets, Dolly Mixtures, ABC’s and more. The family grew close with customers, for many would come every Saturday for their weekly shop. David and Fiona would spend hours handwriting labels for all the window displays. They brought treats from far and wide, including Bendicks from London and Anthon Berg from Holland.

In 1995, Owen and Nicola introduced gelato to Burns with only a small counter of the traditional flavours. A reminder of the true St. Andrews family presence from our little sweet shop was on display. School kids would queue in numbers for their morning pick n mix, loyal locals continued their Saturday traditions and students discovered a hidden treasure.

Burns sweet shop will always remain in our history, it will always be a part of St. Andrews and we are so happy to have shared all these memories with you, our customers.

It is goodbye for now.

The Jannettas Family

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