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Burns Sweet Shop | Jannettas Gelateria a sweet treat

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Nicola (front row, fourth from the left) alongside her manager and team of assistants (2015)


Burns Sweet Shop is the sister store of Jannettas Gelateria. It’s to be found at 96
Market Street, St Andrews and was started by professional golfer, Mr Burns and his
wife more than sixty years ago.
Fourth-generation owner of Jannettas, Nicola Hazel has many fond memories of
visiting the shop as a child with her parents. She’d spend her precious pocket money
on her favourite Sports Mix, which cost only a halfpenny for a quarter pound in
those days!
Burns Sweet Shop (Circa 1970)
The little shop was bought by Nicola’s parents David and Fiona De Angelis in the 1970s and was managed directly by Fiona. At that time, it catered for anyone with a sweet tooth and was very much a traditional sweet shop. Nowadays it still stocks a range of penny sweets and chocolate gift boxes, as well as a small range of Jannettas’ famous ice cream during the summer holidays.

Burns Sweet Shop (interior)