History Revisited at Buckhaven High School



We were delighted and glad to be able to help when Emily Davies, a student at the University of St Andrews, got in touch and asked if she could use Jannettas as part of a history project she was working on with Buckhaven High School.

Emily explains “I’m teaching History at Buckhaven High School this semester (September to end of November) as part of a module at St Andrews which matches students up with local schools so that they can get some teaching experience. I’m teaching two National 5 classes and, as part of their course, they’re studying Italian immigration to Scotland so I delivered two lessons to them – one on why the Jannettas decided to move to Scotland from Italy, and one on what their experience was in Scotland once they arrived (integration into the community etc).”

We understand from Emily the subject and project was well received and we hope to visit the School or have them visit us for a lesson in Gelato making and, of course, tasting!

Well done to all concerned and thanks to Emily for getting in touch. Great to think our ancestors and our history is being shared as part of the National 5 curriculum.

Thanks to Emily, teacher and pupils for sending and allowing us to use their photos.

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