Over 30 reasons to remember November

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November is a special time of year. Christmas is fast approaching, the nights are drawing in, the last fireworks have whistled and banged, and St Andrew’s Day is almost upon us as well.

The feast day of Scotland’s patron saint, St Andrew’s Day is particularly special for our wee town, which shares a name with the saint.

Andrew is said to have been martyred by the Romans in Patras. We celebrate his feast day on the 30th November, believed to be the date that he was crucified on a diagonal cross – one possible explanation for the design of the Saltire, the flag of Scotland.

Our town’s links with the saint are said to date back to the 4th century, when St Rule brought St Andrew’s relics to Scotland, to the town of Kinrymont – later renamed St Andrew’s in the saint’s honour.

St Andrew’s eventually became a major focus for pilgrims in medieval times. Andrew’s remains were housed in the town’s cathedral for many years before being destroyed during the Reformation in the 16th century.

Today, there are many reminders of the town’s historic links with Scotland’s patron saint – the remains of the cathedral as well as St Rule’s Tower, named for the saint who brought Andrew’s remains to the country.

This year in St Andrews, there are numerous events to mark the feast day – free admission at the British Golf Museum, free guided tours of our town hosted by a renowned Blue Badge Guide, the St Andrew’s Day concert performed by the Music Society Symphony Orchestra at Younger Hall, and of course the St Andrew’s Day Dinner and Ceilidh at Forgan’s on Market Street.

Here at Jannettas, we’re also getting in on the act with a Scottish quiz. All you need to do is identify our selection of famous Scots and Scottish places to be in with a chance of winning a Saltire Cake featuring our two new gelato characters, Jann and Etta the Highland Cows! Next time you’re visiting our Cafe ask a member of our team for a copy of the quiz to be able to take part. All entries correctly completed and returned by 29 November will be gathered and a winner drawn and announced on the 30th November at 9am, so make sure you get your entries in soon!

Before we go, there’s just time for a big round of applause for three-year-old Evan, from Glenrothes, who won our Hallowe’en colouring competition. Well done from all of us here at Jannettas, Evan!

And finally, with Christmas just around the corner, don’t forget to stop in and sample our new festive flavours for 2017 – because ice cream isn’t just for summer, of course…

Jan and Etta Saltire Cake


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