Winter Ice Cream Proves Popular!

Throughout the colder months Jannettas’ ice cream has been as popular as ever!

Founders, Nicola and Owen have noticed over the years that as the weather turns colder, people’s ice cream choices change rather than diminish, with a shift to those with spice, more chocolate and Christmas-type flavours.

Over the past few months we’ve been hard at work creating top flavours for our customers to enjoy.  In October we worked with local producer East Neuk Orchards to create a Mulled Apple Sorbet.  Made using British heritage variety apples, the result was refreshingly sweet and tangy with a hint of mulled spice.

At Halloween, we went all spooky with limited edition flavours including Death by Chocolate, Ghostly Cherry and Vampires Delight, which proved very popular with the children.  Right around the corner, we also celebrated St Andrews Day with undeniably patriotic flavours including Drambuie, Irn-Bru, Tablet and Cranachan.

Following this, we were just so excited to introduce our Christmas flavours – finally, that festive feeling!  From Mince Pie and Christmas Pudding to Gingerbread, and Baileys alongside White Chocolate & Cranberry, we have been delighted by customers’ reactions.   A popular dish as a table centre choice has been our Christmas Ice Cream Cake creations.  Crafted by hand by our master ice cream maker, options have included designs ranging from Santa, Rudolph and a Snowman to an Elf and a Christmas Tree – each made from two flavour favourites.  Mini Robins, Reindeer and Highland Cows were also available.  Look out for more Ice Cream Cakes to celebrate other holidays throughout the year.

In the New Year, looking ahead to Burn’s Night in January, you’ll find our unique Haggis spiced ice cream on sale.  Whilst there will be no meat in the making, fans of the Scottish delicacy will enjoy its peppery and smoky flavour.

We’re looking forward to an exciting 2020, not only will we be refurbishing the café and updating our beautiful mural in January, we’ll be working with more of our amazing local suppliers to create some unique and bespoke Jannettas ice cream and we’ll be revealing some exciting news – stay tuned!



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