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World Famous Ice Cream Cakes


For every occasion, no matter the weather, with friends and family, our incredible ice cream cakes are the perfect end to a wholesome meal, a birthday gift or a surprise treat for a long distanced loved one. To order a pre-made cake, a custom-made cake, a Christmas Special or a unique Semifreddo, call us on 01334473285. We operate on an in-house collection service.


Pre-made cakes. Our pre-made cakes are handmade by the talented Jannettas team, with each flavour combination carefully selected to provide the best experience. As our cakes go very quickly and flavour combinations change everyday, we can never have a set list of cake types. Thus, when you call us on 01334473285 and we will tell you the available combinations and reserve your chosen cake.

Custom-made cakes. You may also customise your own ice cream cake to meet the specific tastes of the lucky recipients. When you call, you may choose two flavours of ice cream, an outside flavour and an inside flavour. The outside flavour will determine the primary colour of your custom cake. Following this, you will choose from a selection of available toppings to be placed upon your cake. To finish, we will add a complementary piping of our award winning vanilla ice cream round the circumference of your cake.

Christmas Specials. We have a selection of our beautifully handcrafted festive cakes including a Winter Gateau, an Ice Cream Christmas Pudding, Reindeers and Snowmen.

Semifreddos. Our handmade semifreddos are an experience to be had. From the family of ice cream, semifreddo is a younger generation of dessert. We work tirelessly to perfect our creations and with that we like to experiment with a range of flavours. Thus, our available semifreddos are ever changing. A particular Jannettas family favourite is our pistachio and chocolate semifreddo, this dessert takes us all back to the family table. Our semifeddos are available by the slice in our cafe or for takeaway. We can also craft a full cake from available flavours with consultation over the phone on 01334473285.


Small Cake (Serves approx. 6-8 people) – £20.95

Medium Cake (Serves approx. 8-10 people) – £26.95

Large Cake (Serves approx. 10-12 people) – £32.95

Christmas Specials – Prices & sizes available over the phone or over the counter.

Semifreddo – Prices & sizes available over the phone or over the counter.